“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing!”

The SAS Bikers ride from April thru October. We publish our biking schedule in the SAS monthly newsletter. We also often add rides during the month, which we communicate through our Bikers e-mail list. To get on the e-mail list contact Bob Brooks.

On SAS rides we stay together and bike as a group. There will be a leader and a sweep that keep the group together.

Consult the SAS newsletter for ride schedules.

Please let Bob Brooks know if you have a suggestion for a ride./image

October ride to Lewis Park

The following is some of the criteria to communicate for bike rides:
– Route starting point and destination
– Ride start time
– Approximate round-trip distance of the ride. Availability of a shorter route, if possible.
– Type of terrain or surface
– Rides always have a stop for a rest. Will the riders be stopping at a dining site, or should they bring a snack to eat on the trail?
If you have questions, email Bob Brooks.

See you on the trail!

If you want to get updates on all things biking in Madison, you can go to

“After two years of social isolation, a new acquaintance introduced me to SAS in Spring 2022. I was intrigued by the idea of taking group bike rides. I went to the SAS annual picnic, where I participated in a SAS bike ride, and it made me so happy.  Since then, I have taken many SAS rides. Our rides are social; people visit while riding and during food stops.  Also, SAS bike rides follow a careful safety protocol with a leader and sweep, which makes them low-stress, as only the ride leader worries about the route – a real plus for someone like me who has almost no sense of direction. Besides biking, SAS offers other activities. I recently experienced an absolutely delightful evening firefly hike in Indian Lake County Park.”   ~ Chris K.

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