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SAS has two tennis programs that would allow players a chance to play every week day during the outdoor season.

Set Tennis plays on Tuesday and Thursdays. This group has room for 12 players and requires that players to sign up. Information for signing up will be in the SAS monthly newsletters and emails sent to the players by the co-leaders.

Rotation Tennis, meets Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This popular program allows players a chance to play with different partners and different opponents and does not require that players sign-up in order to play.

SET TENNIS: The outdoor season started May 1 at Rennebohm Courts. The start time is 8:30 until Labor Day. So far the turnout has been excellent.

Set Tennis coordinators this year are Lois Langenfeld and Sue Kummer. If you want to play set tennis, you must send an email to Lois and Sue no later than noon on Friday preceding the week you would like to be on the roster or want to be listed as a sub.

A list will be emailed on Sunday evening to confirm the players scheduled to play for the coming week. Some days the matches will be pre-assigned; some days, players will draw numbers at the court to determine partners. An email will be sent directly to tennis participants if tennis must be cancelled due to wet conditions.

If you have questions, please email or call: Lois Langenfeld 233-2612 or Susan Kummer 381-6380

Tennis social time. Plans are being made to have an occasional gathering after tennis for coffee at a nearby restaurant. Players on the tennis list will be notified in advance by email about day, time and place. All are invited to come, whether currently playing or not. If you are interested or have ideas for arranging, please contact Gerry Clancy:

ROTATION TENNIS: Meets on MWF at 8:30 am, as weather permits, until Labor day. No sign up necessary. All are welcome and encouraged to join in when they can. The group is currently playing at Rennebohm Courts. Please contact Karen Scheele, coordinator, with any questions or concerns: or 238-4430.



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