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The SAS Bikers ride from April thru October, for a total of 20+ rides per year. We publish our biking schedule in the SAS monthly newsletter. We also often add rides during the month, which we communicate through our bikers e-mail list. To get on the e-mail list contact Bob Brooks at

On SAS rides we stay together and bike as a group. There will be a leader and a sweep that keeps the group together.

Consult the SAS newsletter for ride schedules.

Please let Bob Brooks at 608-658-2016 know if you have a suggestion for a ride.

The following is some of the criteria to communicate for bike rides:

  • Route starting point and destination 
  • Ride start time
  • Approximate round-trip distance of the ride. Availability of a shorter route, if possible.
  • Type of terrain or surface
  • Rides always have a stop for a rest. Will the riders be stopping at a dining site, or should they bring a snack to eat on the trail?

If you have questions contact Bob Brooks  608-658-2016

See you on the trail!

If you want to get updates on all things biking in Madison, you can go to




                                                                                           SAS Biking Lanesboro, Minn./ Root River Trip      


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