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The SAS Bikers ride from April thru October, for a total of 30+ rides per year. We publish our biking schedule in the SAS monthly newsletter. We often add rides during the month by use of our bikers e-mail list.

On SAS rides we stay together and bike as a group. There will be a leader and a sweep that keeps the group together.

See our current newsletter for current rides

There will also be rides scheduled on short notice. Notification will be by e-mail. To get on the e-mail list contact Bob Brooks at

See you on the trail!


The SAS bike rides are generally on Wednesday, but may be scheduled on other days of the week. I have an e-mail list of bikers that is used for impromptu rides and a reminder of the upcoming rides. There will be rides as soon as the weather permits.

The following is some of the criteria for bike rides:
The approx. distance of the ride and the type of terrain or surface, where the ride will depart from and the time the ride will start, if the ride is going to stop to eat or if the riders should bring a snack.

If you have questions contact   Bob Brooks  608-658-2016



If you want to get updates on all things biking in Madison, you can go to  

 On that page you can either click on the "Sign up for Bike Madison Updates" box on the right hand side of the webpage and have weekly emails sent directly to you or you can just visit that page and click on the "Bike Madison Update" which is a PDF that is uploaded each week.








                                                                                           SAS Biking Lanesboro, Minn./ Root River Trip                 


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