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A three-overnight stay (M-W 5/14 – 5/16) in Eau Claire to ride the Red Cedar and Chippewa River bike trails. I’ve rented a house for the 8 people already committed to the trip, so hopefully all participating members on the trip can share dinners together. Two downtown Eau Claire hotels (the Oxbow and the Lismore) are located about 1 ½ miles from this rented house. I’m hoping to schedule some non-biking activities such as canoeing on the Red Cedar River (weather permitting) to avoid consecutive long days of biking. If you have questions or plan to participate, please contact Mary Juckem at (608) 358-0608 or as soon as possible..

The bike trip planned for the Root River in Minnesota is fast approaching. The scheduled dates are Wednesday June 6th, and Thursday June 7th. Last year we stayed at the Cottage House Inn, 209 Parkway Ave. Lanesboro MN.55949. ( 1-507-467-2577). It is a very nice place to stay and is accommodating to bikers. This is a SAS event. Please join or renew your membership to participate. We currently have 10 riders on the list to go. Those who have contacted me need not do that again. For those who may want to join us please let me know. The SAS application blank is included in the printed newsletter. Vernon Flesch 608-873-5906.

The third ride is part of The High Trestle Trail between Woodward and Slater Iowa. This is about a 4 ½ hour drive from Madison. The ride is planned for June 26 &27 with a full moon night ride across the lighted trestle and a day ride of aprox. 25 miles of paved trail. Contact Karren Dopkins if interested. 1-608-835-5549. We are looking into places to stay as a group at this time..

I would like to see more bikers to take an interest in leading some rides. If any riders have a ride that SAS has not done, please feel free to organize the ride and use the newsletter and E-mail list as a source. The SAS bike rides are generally on Wed. or Sat. Other days of the week may be used. I have an e-mail list of bikers that is used for impromptu rides and a reminder of the upcoming rides. There will be rides as soon as the weather permits. Watch your emails for them soon.

The following is some of the criteria for bike rides:
The approx. distance of the ride and the type of terrain or surface, where the ride will depart from and the time the ride will start, if the ride is going to stop to eat or if the riders should bring a snack. Remind riders to bring water.

If you are interested in leading a ride contact
Bob Brooks or 658-2016

The SAS Bikers have two or more rides per week from April thru October, for a total of 60+ rides per year. We publish our biking schedule in the SAS monthly newsletter.We often add rides during the month by use of our bikers e-mail list.

The bike leaders lead many of the rides, but they get help from other bikers. We usually have about 30 people that participate in SAS biking events during the course of the year. 5 to 8 of them will lead rides.

On SAS rides we stay together and bike as a group.

See our Bike Schedule for current rides

There will also be rides scheduled on short notice. Notification will be by e-mail. To get on the e-mail list contact Bob Brooks at

See you on the trail!

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