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Bike Schedule

SAS Bikers It is time to start scheduling the bike rides for the season
Here is the criteria for leading a ride. Date, Time, and place the ride will start. The approx. distance of the ride, and the type of terrain (trail, streets, roads, or combination). If you are going to stop for a bite to eat ( lunch, picnic lunch, etc.). What type of equipment to bring along, if necessary. When your ride is about to begin, you must assign a Sweep Person to ride at the end of the group. Your contact name and phone number. The rides are generally held on a Wednesday and Saturday, but you may schedule other days of the week. If you feel you want to lead a ride, send your ride info to me by the 13th of each month. This will enable us to put the rides in the newsletter. If you would like to lead ride at the “spur of the moment”, you can contact me and I will send the ride out by e-mail.

Thursday June 29th
Meet at 9:30 AM at the corner of Hammersley & Midvale Blvd (Nakoma Shopping center). This will be approx.. 12 mile ride We will ride street and trail. The route will take us through the arboretum , Olin park area and return on the southwest commuter trail. We will stop for a snack at Mickey’s Dairy bar. This is one of Bob Craig’s route. Bob Brooks 658-2016

Thursday July 6th
Ride the Glacial Drumlin Trail from Cottage Grove to Deerfield. Meet at 9:30 AM at the trail head in Cottage Grove. Bring a snack lunch and we will have a snack in Deerfield at the park. Total distance is 13.4 miles. This is trail riding. Bring your trail pass, H20, and your lunch.
Bob Brooks 658-2016

Evening Ride Sunday July 9th - The Buck Moon Ride
Meet at 5:45PM at Olin Park boat landing area. This will be an evening ride, there should be a full moon. We will do less than 10 mile bike ride. We will stop at the Monana Terrace roof top and eat at the Lake Vista Café. We will view the full moon and the sunset. Bring a lock, and lights for your bike. We will then return to Olin Park. This ride is similar to the ride that Joan Rubens did a few year ago.
Bob Brooks 658-2016



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