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           SAS bikers stop for lunch in Montello                     

Sports for Active Seniors is an organization based in Madison, Wisconsin for people 55 and up who want to participate in active, noncompetitive sports in a social setting.

It is our history, our desire, and hopefully our practice, to make newcomers feel welcome.  You will not be a stranger very long.

We have about 200 members and 12 to 14 sports.  Each sport is organized by the participants, with volunteer leaders.

People over the age of 55 interested in actively participating in sports are invited to join us.

Try us out!  Join if you like what you see!


IT'S TIME TO GET OUT AGAIN! Our need for fresh air again has prompted us to plan the next general meeting - a pot luck, of course, for Lakeview Park in Middleton on Allen Blvd. where we have reserved both indoor (just in case) and outdoor facilities for Friday, May 29th at 12 noon.


Friday May 9th from 9:00 - 11:30 am.
North/Eastside Senior Coalition, 1625 Northport Drive #125, Madison, WI 53704-2300.
SAS has a booth reserved for this event. Stop in to see us.

SIS (Somewhat InactiveSeniors)

April plans for SIS include Lunch at Advante Italian Resturant , 119 S. Main St. at 12:00 noon on Thursday April 24th followed by a guided tour of the EPIC CENTER in Verona. The tour will last approximately one hour and walking a mile and some steps are involved.

Anyone needing a wheel chair or walker should let Kathy know so she can notify the tour person. People wanting to do the tour only should be at the EPIC CENTER by 1:30 to 1:45 to meet the rest of the group. Cathy at 271-1999

Future SIS plans include a guided tour of Aldo Leopold center in June.

Please contact Yvonne 221-3926 or if you have other ideas for activities for SIS by 15th of the previous month.



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