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           SAS bikers stop for lunch in Montello                     

Sports for Active Seniors is an organization based in Madison, Wisconsin for people 55 and up who want to participate in active, noncompetitive sports in a social setting.

It is our history, our desire, and hopefully our practice, to make newcomers feel welcome.  You will not be a stranger very long.

We have about 150 members and 10 sports.  Each sport is organized by the participants, with volunteer leaders.

People over the age of 55 interested in actively participating in sports are invited to join us.

Try us out!  Join if you like what you see!

DUES DUE for 2019

About 1/3 of our usual membership have sent their dues so far. Please use the membership form if you have not yet sent them.

March newsletter receipients who HAVE NOT PAID will have a caption above the “SOARING WITH SAS” saying “Our records indicate that you have not paid your dues for 2019”. Members in GOOD standing will NOT have the caption on their newsletter.

Questions? Call Sarah at 575-9685.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!! More volunteers mean more fun, more ideas and less work for everyone.

Board members are needed to handle Archives and Publicity.

1.) ARCHIVES: Collects, organizes, references as needed and arranges for storage of necessary records and other materials to maintain a history of the Society, including but not limited to Minutes of Board and General meetings, newsletters, and yearly Registry of Members.

2.) PUBLICITY: Provides publicity for sports activities, meetings and special events. Sends press releases to appropriate newspapers and TV/Radio stations. Current board are willing to maintain their current positions. But there is always room for more help. Very few meetings and time are involved.. Much of our communication is by email. Contact Bob at 244-5582 or

ACTIVITY LEADERS: Co-leaders are still needed for Bocce, Camping, Downhill Skiing, Ice Skating, Mall Walking and Outdoor walking.

Out of town activities been very successful in 2018. In an effort to make it easier to car pool, find over night accommodations, and roommates, it is recommended that meetings for interested individuals be held in advance.


People over the age of 55 who are interested in actively participating in Sports are invited to join us.Questions? Call Sarah at 575-9685.
New members, joining after September 1 will have their membership payment count for 2019.


If you would like to publicize a SAS related activity between newsletter publications, I can easily send an email notification to the general membership. Just let me know. or 221-3926.


Please send all items, pictures, and address changes for the SAS newsletter by the 15th of the previous month to Yvonne Sorge, 5310 Painted Post Dr., Madison, WI 53716, or call 221-3926, or, send an e-mail to Please also notify me if you have not received your newsletter by the 22nd of the previous month.




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